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The Order was founded on October 23, 1888 with the institution of our first temple, located in Warsaw, Indiana.
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The Pythian Sisters is a fraternal order with members throughout the United States and Canada. We respect all religions but are aligned with none. The Flags of our two Countries have important roles in our meetings but we have no political agenda.

The work of the Pythian Sisters covers a broad field. It is not confined to the local Temple nor to the field of Pythianism.

The Pythian Sisters organization, in addition to its beautiful, meaningful ritualistic work, is engaged in altruistic efforts second to none among women's organizations.

Affiliates and Auxiliaries:
Pythian Sister Tidings

Pythian Sister Tidings is the the official magazine of the Order.

Who Is Eligible:

We maintain that friendship and strong family relationships are essential factors for a happy life.

Women aged 16 and older, English speaking and a belief in a Supreme Being are the only three requirements for joining the order.

Our Mission:

To bring together women of diverse backgrounds and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow through the principles of Purity, Love, Equality, and Fidelity.

We invite you to join with us - for friendship's sake - and as a basis for serving your community. In addition, an effort to enrich your life, as well as our own, we offer our assistance to you.


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