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The Order was founded on October 23, 1888 with the institution of our first temple, located in Warsaw, Indiana.
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Pythian Sister Tidings

Pythian Sister Tidings

Pythian Sister Tidings is the the official magazine of the Order. It contains articles from the Temples throughout the US and Canada. It is printed three times a year.


Earlier Issues of the Tidings:

Click to download the issues in PDF format

How to Submit an Article for the Tidings:

Sent your articles to your PST Chairperson by the following dates to be printed in the next issue.

April 30th for June issue
August 30 for October issue
December 31st for the February issue

How to receive the Tidings:

Click below to download the order form and mail it to the editor of the Tidings. The cost if $5.00 a year. The subscription is three times a year.

Order form

Pythian Sister Tiding Staff:


Shiela Stooksberry, PSC

Yolanda Cowell, SM


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